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Gates , bridges and limiter switches

Energy is everywhere! It's omnipresent! In my ever-growing expansion of knowledge energy is so incredibly important to understand. Not only is our nervous system controlled by electrical impulses, The items around us that are part of our everyday life are controlled by electricity which is just another form of energy!

In a " lesson of the day" with a good friend of mine He was explaining how he can have communication challenges as he gets stuck because a gate has been activated. This particular friend is a electrical engineer, light science designer, audio-visual tech who is on the spectrum and is absolutely brilliant and basically is just trying to raise the vibration and the resonance of the planet.

Our business meeting ended up becoming a electrical engineering discussion about gates and bridges and limiter switches. It was particularly fun because I have commercial festival level sound equipment in my home and have been learning many levels of operation of audio tech.

I have a lot more to say but I need to go pick up some hay 😂 So I'm going to get to a quick nut and bolt and then later on I will have diagrams and a video that comes out.

Energy is everywhere! Functioning optimally or misaligned to a beings highest good and best function. Energy is held in our physical form and causes positive or negative physical, emotional, mental and spiritual embodiments. Embodiment is how you feel within your body!

Emotion = energy in motion!

Emotions often rule our communication 🔽 in relationships with self and other.

Energy can get misdirected in our communication, physical bodies, emotional bodies, mental bodies and of course our energetic bodies!

Misdirection comes when a gate is activated by a toggle switch as directed and imposed by a limiter. Limiters are created, managed and guided by a beings physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas as a " tool " to survive.

At the time of trauma the various bodies contribute to setting the limiter .

Limiters are developed to manage the nervous system which by definition is the electrical information super highway of the body. Limiters keep us "safe" by having a calculated a "limit" at which our body imposes a gate.

Gates are how energy is directed and potential for the energy to clearly move through or stop. For what "type" of energy is needed, useful or appropriate. A limiter level creates a off/on point for a gate.

A simple example is a CPTSD survivor may have a limiter of only 30 minutes of stressful communication where they feel attacked. Once that 30 minutes ( limit) has been reached a toggle switch( limiter switch) turns on their "not" gate with communication. ( I will shortly have a diagram of what the various gates are)

The not gate tells their nervous system

🔽 communication is no longer safe. This trauma survivor would then not be able to any longer express themselves in a rational manner or perhaps not at all depending on past levels of abuse. At an energetic level they would feel various levels of throat chakra pain and stagnation. Depending on their levels of understanding and sensitivity it may trigger deeper soul pain.

These limiters and gates are throughout our very Being! They are a place where a Being can feel stuck in a behavior, reaction, feeling, physical state that no longer serves their highest good and potential.

It is my goal to have ALLBeings be able to understand, feel, and expand their gates from not gates, nor gate, and gates and or

gates to open bridges. Where their energy body, emotional body and physical body no longer have stagnant trauma-based closed gates that prevent them from being healthy, happy and ever-present.


Cherish- Nicole out...


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I am dedicated to self-discovery, personal and global expansion. I host and offer workshops, retreats and private coaching that delve into gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. I have a range of gifts, skills, tools and knowledge to share covering a range of topics from quantum healing, ancient knowledge, divine feminine and masculine energy, sexual healing, CPTSD support, nutritional support, self-acceptance and reprogramming, unwinding the nervous system and uncovering the occult. I am passionate to build a likeminded and supportive community.


I have traveled the world, learning from some of the most experienced teachers, researches, practitioners and mystics in these fields. I am now ready to share this knowledge with you through my upcoming workshops in the Santa Cruz mountains and by inviting you to join my community.  Let’s embark on this journey together!


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