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Darkness as our Ally

It is time that I call my power back. It is time that we ALL call our power back!

I will never claim to not have been ALL of the things I have been. Both of the light and of the dark.

The Darkest parts of us as Beings are from our deepest injuries from Self, Others and our SOULS deepest and most profound lessons.

The Dark places inside us that guide behavior and hold back the full expression of our light are the best places to love, accept, own and reclaim as pats of us.

Those that try to avoid their dark places, avoid the elevated and amplified Self and Soul learning that comes from examining ALL of who we have been and are. ALL of how we show up for self and other.

Those that refuse to hold understanding, acceptance and care for ALL of our parts and shun the dark peices of our soul prevent us from fully restoring those divine dark souls shards to the light. Prevent us from true healing and true love and knowledge of self.

I reclaim my power ! ALL parts of me are loved, especially the darkest parts. In loving the dark we remind it of it's inherent light and are able to be a Beacon for others , a guiding light that ALL is of the light and #allbeings and all their parts matter and are just part of the universal incarnate soul college of growth, understanding and expansion .

To all those going through their own darkness and feeling stuck, I invite you to bring your darkness out, examine it, love it, understand it, claim it and lovingly using your higher self learn the lessons your darkness holds for you.


Discovery of Life


I am dedicated to self-discovery, personal and global expansion. I host and offer workshops, retreats and private coaching that delve into gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. I have a range of gifts, skills, tools and knowledge to share covering a range of topics from quantum healing, ancient knowledge, divine feminine and masculine energy, sexual healing, CPTSD support, nutritional support, self-acceptance and reprogramming, unwinding the nervous system and uncovering the occult. I am passionate to build a likeminded and supportive community.


I have traveled the world, learning from some of the most experienced teachers, researches, practitioners and mystics in these fields. I am now ready to share this knowledge with you through my upcoming workshops in the Santa Cruz mountains and by inviting you to join my community.  Let’s embark on this journey together!


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