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Consciousness is Omnipresent  


Image by Nathália Arantes

Hi Human Beings! Let me share a little about me

Chicken Nugget the Dog and Cherish Nicole

The Founder

When I was younger, I believed my name and even nature was a curse that had me Cherish others at a reckless level. Placing their needs in front of mine as conditioned habit. I believed I was not cherished or loved by others and thus struggled with sense of self love, freedom of self-expression, ability and desire to want to stay present in my body.​Through 20 years of deep exploration of self, with a focus on healing the emotional body, understanding the metaphysical world, playing in puddles of universal consciousness, I have chosen to take on my birth name as homage to my truest nature and pickup my most sacred mission. That is to be on this earth to Cherish deeply all of its beautiful creatures and help them deeply see each other’s and their own divinity, experiencing deep love and the interconnected nature of reality.​

“ I came to understand how to truly help others by being a relentless stand for how to Cherish myself. I find it only fitting to use my birthname to step up into creating for humanity and all of earths’ Beings their birthrights: to be Loved. To be Love. To shine that love brilliantly to light up the truest natures of reality and discovery of the deep joy it is to be alive!”​

I will forever be a student of the nature of Being and Beings and love to share my discovered knowledge and wisdom with others to foster loving understanding and healing. I am the CEO of Fern River Resort. A redwood nirvana of cabins in the Santa Cruz mountains. I am standing for others to find the freedom, joy and self-acceptance I have by sharing my resources to help my community heal, grow and play. Learning to be fully self-expressed, have self-love and childlike wonder at how amazing our earth is.​

I am creating events for the discovery of knowledge, that which is found publicly and understood socially, and that which has been hidden and tugs at the strands of your soul with deep resonance. I am creating events for healing current and past emotional wounds that create feelings of bondage. I am creating a space for others to host sacred, special initiations, knowledge sharing, healing work, wellness support and smaller or larger group retreats, workshops, seminars and potentially even longer-term immersive healing.​I am still on a rampage to learn all I can about near unbelievable EVERYTHING. I travel often to learn new tools, understand concepts more deeply, practice within the metaphysical worlds with others and am creating smaller group travel for self and reality discovery.  I am currently writing a few books on the discoveries I have made through my conversations with consciousness.  As I expand so too will my offerings.  I love co-creators, like minded entrepreneurs, and honestly just humans and life in general. If you think that we might rebound off each other for a larger creation, please reach out to me.  
Image by Mike L


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