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Conversations with my Higher Self

A couple of years ago when I joined the St Germain Mystery School I learned about how to speak with your higher self and what your higher self even is. Your higher self is the version of you that is closest to the divine. I wouldn't say your higher self is all knowing like God but your higher self surely has more information, more nuance, and more guidance than your human ego self.

I highly recommend checking out Maureen St Germain's work around how to connect with your higher self and how to get discernment. I don't want to give away her process entirely but you enter into a practice period Where are your showing your ego the level of understanding that your higher self has by asking simple questions that your ego is not involved in and getting guidance from your higher self. I've been doing this for almost 2 years now and have developed a lot of discernment between when my ego is speaking and when my higher self is speaking with me.

It's been a huge blessing and I am incredibly grateful for my connection with my higher self. We are continuing to build our connection with each other .

At this point her and I have whole conversations. The things that she has created for me have been huge. Places that I would have never thought to go she has led me just in simple directions turn left here, turn right there. She's led me through intricate recipes where I had no idea what I was cooking but I was following her suggestions on what to add. Those are some of the tastiest meals I've ever made.

She's given me advice on how to handle disagreements and what is under the disagreement. She's helped me stay in balance in situations in the past that I would have been knocked out of balance and in my trauma response self. She's helped show me compassion for others when they're getting their emotions all over me by letting me know what's happening within them.

Lately our conversations have been more grand we've been talking about how to cycle energy between the two of us as a way to build a stronger connection and return some of my divine gifts to me. Following her advice has really opened many doors for me.

If you'd like to start working with your higher self I recommend you check out Maureen St Germain. She travels the globe teaching people on various modalities of practical mystical application. I'm considering teaching a workshop on how to work with your higher self at Fern River Resort.

I'm going to be gauging interest in my groups and going from there .

💕 Xoxox -Cherish Nicole


Discovery of Life


I am dedicated to self-discovery, personal and global expansion. I host and offer workshops, retreats and private coaching that delve into gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. I have a range of gifts, skills, tools and knowledge to share covering a range of topics from quantum healing, ancient knowledge, divine feminine and masculine energy, sexual healing, CPTSD support, nutritional support, self-acceptance and reprogramming, unwinding the nervous system and uncovering the occult. I am passionate to build a likeminded and supportive community.


I have traveled the world, learning from some of the most experienced teachers, researches, practitioners and mystics in these fields. I am now ready to share this knowledge with you through my upcoming workshops in the Santa Cruz mountains and by inviting you to join my community.  Let’s embark on this journey together!


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