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There Would not be light without the darkness

The contrast between the night sky and the brilliant white moon always reminds me of how needed the darkness is to embolden and expand the light.

So often cultures shun the dark. Wanting to vanquish it. Conquer it and control it.

My understanding of the Divine Creator is that in order to expand the light there had to be the option for the "not god(divine) choice". In the " Not god choice" was born the dark we currently are enmeshed with as human carnal beings.

When there was anything other than divine contrast developed. The opportunity to expand the light was chosen by divine, by allowing the dark, the shadow.

As we play with, explore and accept our shadow selves, we learn more deeply , more tangibly what is available when we chose our I AM God presence.

When I gaze up at that big beautiful moon I am reminded of the interplay between dark and light. And how light would not be as brilliant, radiant and spectacular without the dark.


Discovery of Life


I am dedicated to self-discovery, personal and global expansion. I host and offer workshops, retreats and private coaching that delve into gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. I have a range of gifts, skills, tools and knowledge to share covering a range of topics from quantum healing, ancient knowledge, divine feminine and masculine energy, sexual healing, CPTSD support, nutritional support, self-acceptance and reprogramming, unwinding the nervous system and uncovering the occult. I am passionate to build a likeminded and supportive community.


I have traveled the world, learning from some of the most experienced teachers, researches, practitioners and mystics in these fields. I am now ready to share this knowledge with you through my upcoming workshops in the Santa Cruz mountains and by inviting you to join my community.  Let’s embark on this journey together!


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