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Cherish Nicole choses

Well its been a long time coming. I feel like I have thrived in some circumstances and life occurrences that are downright comical once your living in 5d, near biblical that have brought me to the point of CHOOSING finally that I am ready and ecstatically excited to start to climb aboard the wings of those leading me and let them carry me as high as it is ordained. Well gosh now I am sounding biblical !

Maybe I should give those just getting to know me some content, because if I was reading this I sure would be lost. Hi my name is Nicole and I love things with abandon. No literally in the past I would abandon myself to love things. Whether it be romance, helping someone, pulling someone from addiction, rescuing and fostering animals you see it is just one of my deepest natures. My brothers really screwed up when I was a infant in the womb and decided to name me Cherish, they both thought it was such a sweet word and concept. Well those sweet children had no idea what they were doing to their sister.

You see similar to astrology setting up a person for certain life challenges, strengths and personality predispositions, so too does a name set a small just entering life human child for certain things. Cherish I was, and rather immediately Cherished I wasn't. At least that was my egos story. I could go into a past highly prized laundry list of all the places and ways that "NO one loved me", but you see I wont waste anyone's time, mine especially recounting a bunch of old trauma. The things I could and used to tell people would make peoples jaw drop, stomach clench and still brings tears to my grandmothers eyes anytime parts of it are shared.

My name Cherish was taken from me at about 18 months of age when my name was changed , along my social security number , state and side of the country I lived on. My mother and brothers lost me for details I no longer will share because its just not healthy to tell the same old sad story, it keeps a human trapped in a story of sad, trauma and pain and reinforces to their beautiful super computer of a brain that they are or were broken. I have more to say on neuroplasticity and brain reprograming and the extremely important weight of your words and repeating sad thoughts but that will be covered another day in a lesson.

To say it clearly, I had a lot I had to heal from. A lot of darkness to explore. A lot of learning not to be the victim. A lot of loss of self. Matter of fact I don't think I truly found her until the past few year when the biblical , no way to explain them things started happening to me.

You see a series of very strange events came together in a very powerful and unbelievable way . I was not raised with any kind of religion. No belief in a higher power. But the things that were happening to me, they were beyond human. I was trying to make sense of an entirely new world. I started seeing vortex's and orbs usually always purple. I was told an Ascended Master " St Germain" usually communicates to his disciples in purple. One night I thought what the heck lets see and asked out loud while alone how the heck was I to find this " golden triangle" that kept popping into things that were being shared with me and I was told to go swim with the whales. A big ask for a world closed down by a pandemic.

In my nature I chose I was all in and was going to swim with the Whales. In that year I faced 80 mph Wind storms in my redwood forest with 300 ft trees falling all around me , multiple threats of needing to close down my entire business, a pandemic locking people in their homes and banning them from travel 15 miles outside of their home much less out of the country, a fire that burned down a lot of my valley and was charging towards me as I was trying to get my passport which my dog chewed in front of 2.3 million others in 3 weeks ... before I was traveling out of country during a pandemic when all borders were closed, and yes even a murder hornet . Plagues, fires, things falling from the sky, talking whales.... maybe your starting to see the biblical references.

Pushing through all of that and having some very spiritual, deeply affirming I was not loosing my mind, just getting to know a new world moments, I ended up in French Polynesia. As I waited for our buss to the retreat center a lovely woman sat down next to me and introduced herself. " Hi, I am Maureen St Germain" I nearly peed myself with laughter. She has become a wonderful mentor , divine mother figure and friend.

What proceeded was some of the final steps I needed to climb, skip, hop and fly up to realize how silly I was holding onto any of that past human suffering. A deeper understanding of the spiritual body and emotional body interconnectedness. My human body and universal soul thought it would be funny if when I was finally breaking free of the emotional trauma past to additionally gift me an autoimmune that nearly killed me. That gift helped me further my deep understanding of human fragility, and a became place for me to have even more compassion for and knowledge to share with others. A new quest for physical wellness became a direction of mine, and has helped me love my physical vessel even more, even with all of its quirks, imperfections and health challenges. This newest quest helped me see how important it is to me to be a space to guide, lead and help others to true wellness through all of their lower bodies" mental, physical, emotional and spiritual".

I feel truly gifted with all of my past struggles because it has allowed me to get my most divine mission back. To help beings feel, experience and believe in love. To believe they are worthy of being Cherished. My name sake.

Its been a long time coming for me to claim my name back . Cherish Nicole. I have surely done the work to Cherish myself. To lovingly accept all parts of me. To embrace the being that I am and give her compassion, growth , healing and a whole lot of really neat tools, wisdom and fun experiences. My spiritual awakens have been some of the final steps to me claiming my sovereign self back. I am stepping into my divine role to cherish all Beings. It is a big job with lots of facets.

And I have chosen to launch one of my pet projects I have been sitting on to share the vastness of consciousness with others. That's where this site comes in. It will become a resource for those also seeking to understand the nature of life. I being my brilliant creative artistic self, somehow ended up with oh say 6 different projects I am working on so there will be a bit of chaos as I separate the projects that for me are all shades of the same I AM consciousness and support of quality of incarnated life.

I will be releasing personal writings, research, recommendations for others work , likely a few books, small group retreats with various forms of sentient beings, teaching others how to deeply connect to self and universal consciousness , planning another swim retreat with the Majestic whales, and other travel trips bringing our unifyed community together.

My company is a container for me to help others discover true wellness, their deepest selves and play in the ever expanding reality we are living in. The vast network I have been building I will be pulling together to start to pass on the wide range of knowledge and resources we have for our community and truly all of humanity , for the intent of all life on the planet being cared for.

And of course I will never stop learning, being the philosopher, creating art, connecting with our animal being friends and standing for each of us finding better ways to steward our planet.

I am so excited to see how I can weave it all together! And I am so excited what we can learn together! Are you ready to play in consciousness with me?


Discovery of Life


I am dedicated to self-discovery, personal and global expansion. I host and offer workshops, retreats and private coaching that delve into gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. I have a range of gifts, skills, tools and knowledge to share covering a range of topics from quantum healing, ancient knowledge, divine feminine and masculine energy, sexual healing, CPTSD support, nutritional support, self-acceptance and reprogramming, unwinding the nervous system and uncovering the occult. I am passionate to build a likeminded and supportive community.


I have traveled the world, learning from some of the most experienced teachers, researches, practitioners and mystics in these fields. I am now ready to share this knowledge with you through my upcoming workshops in the Santa Cruz mountains and by inviting you to join my community.  Let’s embark on this journey together!


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